Where to begin…

It’s been a rocky beginning to my year of French Fridays pour ma famille (for my family). On the first friday of the year, we totally forgot it was friday. We were living in the post-New-Year holiday haze, where every day melds into the next and you’re not sure whether it’s tuesday or thursday. When we finally realised it wasn’t tuesday or thursday,  it was halfway through friday and we were all happily speaking english. The kids easily persuaded me that French Friday had failed that day, and we had best drown our sorrows by playing Mario kart. I was easily convinced – it was the end of 2 weeks of school holidays after all, and I needed a reward.

Our family challenge is to speak only french every friday, in our home. Our intention was to start for the New Year, and it’s now March. We have had some half-hearted attempts – with me beginning the day well with ‘bonjour, mes enfants’, and soon slipping into franglish at high volume as I try madly to bundle three children, their coats, hats, gloves, bags and boots out the door and run for the school bus. By the time they return home from school, my french has slipped so far into franglish that it’s only recognisable as very bad english. And once again, my French Friday has been an epic fail.

So, after some inspiration and encouragement from my Sister of Support (SOS), I am beginning this blog in an effort to reignite our passion toward French Friday! I am looking forward to posting our successes and failures on our French Fridays, and hopefully inspiring ourselves and others to join in the fun of immersing ourselves in French language and culture!!

à bientôt!!


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