Buckets of confidence

Our first blogged French Friday got off to a flying start. We were literally flying out the door to the school bus with french words trailing behind us. The words were occasionally legit but most often poorly conjugated, but we were verbalising our thoughts in our new language.

Our enthusiastic start encouraged me to brave the local food market to practice my french. It’s always inspiring to wander through the markets observing the eclectic mix of languages, accents and expressions used in the process of buying, selling and sampling locally grown produce. This French Friday was no different, I was feeling inspired as I headed toward my favourite apple vendor.

With enthusiasm I started my request in french. Within two sentences we had switched to english, much to my dismay. But I persevered with what little french I could muster – mostly “oui”, “merci”, and “plus de petites pommes”. The vendor persisted in english, and I felt disappointed at my inability to inspire him to converse with me in french. With mixed feelings I paid and continued on.

My disappointment was short lived when mon ami (a french-speaking friend) reassured me that they have tried speaking french and english to that vendor, and neither language is successful. Great!! My attempt at french wasn’t so bad after all, I just need to find a person who actually speaks french to practice on next French Friday!?!

à bientôt!

(PS this photo shows the actual apples I bought this French Friday. We sauteed them with brown sugar and spices, enjoying them on waffles to celebrate attempting another French Friday!)

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