Bonne année 2019

Bonne année tout le monde!!! (Happy New Year everyone!)

The holidays are over, Old man winter is hammering at our tightly sealed doors (or the not so tightly sealed doors we have, where you can see more daylight through the timber than through the window), and we’re all googling the closest gym to make real those resolutions of a fit and healthy 2019 body.

So, what are my resolutions?

Number 1: wear off the holiday indulgences without altering my diet – I hear “no diet” diets are the thing this year.

Number 2: Unpublish this blog. Shock horror?! Yes, I decided at 2am this morning that my blog is weighing me down. A phone reminder has stared me in the face every friday night for the past few months. It’s been messing with my fragile sanity.  I peek through the corner of my eye at the “bloggin’ french friday” reminder blinking on my screen, hoping that an inspiring post would come to mind. Unfortunately, my friend “Monsieur Excuses” likes to visit and fills my head with the recurring statements – “I’m too busy”, “I haven’t done anything ‘blog-worthy’ this week”, or “I’m too tired”. So, with a ninja swipe I dismissed each reminder, hoping the next week would bring inspiration. It didn’t. “Monsieur Excuses” and I became best buddies.

How to delete my blog

The decision to rid myself of the weight of my blog was made swiftly and deliberately at 2am this morning … resolution Number 3 – get more sleep. This is the ‘how to’ for deleting my blog:

Step 1: Wrestle the discarded wrapping paper, champagne corks, unused gift labels and the cat (hold on, I don’t have a cat?! Mental note: find out who owns the cat), from my desk in the hope there will be a computer below it.

Step 2: Wait 3 hours while my restarting computer uploads, updates and restarts three times. During the wait time, rummage anxiously through every notebook in my bookshelf for the blog login password – try saying that quickly “blog login password”, Dr Seuss, eat your heart out.

Step 3: Cheer audibly when the blog login password works. No-one is around, so the cheer can be satisfyingly loud! Then peruse through the long forgotten posts – there are only four of them, so this shouldn’t take long.

Step 4: Get emotionally sentimental while reading the long forgotten posts from April last year – April?! that long ago?! Spend 10 minutes pondering the missed moments of 2018, and vow to commit publishing French Friday posts for the next 10 years!!

My 2019 vow

I vow, in sickness and in health, to publish my French Friday blogs … whenever possible.

Ok, the vow started well, with an exit clause at the end for my little friend “Monsieur Excuses”, who might like to visit sometime on a French Friday. One must always be hospitable to guests!

À vendredi !  Je vais faire du patin à glace.



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